A closer look at the Webster Parish School Board’s salary schedule shows that it might not be what it appears to be.

Jim Croad, an art teacher at Minden High School, says when the pay freeze took place eight years ago, no one questioned it, but the freeze has not been lifted since then.

“In our minds, there’s a vast difference between a raise and the salary schedule,” he said. “The salary schedule we’re happy with, but we haven’t been paid along that salary schedule in eight years now. So we’re wanting to recoup or get back some of our lost wages,



  1. Supt. Dozier balanced the budget by getting rid of older, experienced teachers for young, inexperienced teachers at a much lower pay scale. He ruined careers and lives in the name of budgeting.

  2. Sounds like the teachers need to go on strike!! This pay scale is ridiculous! Where’s all the money going? For 8 years no teacher in Webster parish has gotten a raise so what is the school board doing with all the money tax payers have to pay for “school board taxes?”

  3. Hmmm.. so as public school parents.. we have to buy all the supplies, uniforms and school fees.. On top of everything else during the year. And our school board can’t even pay our teachers. News flash. Our children are being taught by these teachers. If you don’t pay them they will lose heart, or quit. Our taxes aren’t helping them? If that’s the case, just what are they doing with all this money not going to teachers pay? Is there a Federal auditor or such as parents, we can call to have them come in and force records into the light of day? I would like to know…

  4. Ask any teacher about the Compass evaluations that determine the teacher’s effectiveness. Interesting information about the validity of these will come to light. First question should be how many of them were actually evaluated twice.

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