SPRINGHILL — Two north Webster Parish residents are being held in the parish jail after members of the North Webster Narcotics Task Force reportedly conducted a “buy, bust” in the parking lot of a Springhill business.

Springhill Chief of Police Will Lynd says 29-year-old Willey Jeb McCuen of Sarepta and 27-year-old Springhill resident Hope Danielle Modisette were arrested last week when they allegedly arrived at an arranged meeting place prepared to make a



  1. They won’t do a single thing to them because they will tell who they got it from and they will get their bond paid and get out just to go back and get more to sell. Sarepta is and always has been a drug den.

  2. Hmmm. I pretty sure this says springhill not sarepta and with that said I think all of webster parish is cleaning up since the Chiefs we have have took ovet… js …So whatever they are doing is working.. keep up the DANGEROUS HARD WORK guys. You all stay in our prayer..

  3. Well, I had a big long comment about Springhill’s finest but Hell, I’ll just keep it to myself. Hope Jeb and Hope can one day master this addiction…it can be done…I have seen it done and have all the faith that they too can overcome.

  4. I don’t know these people but I pray they can fight and beat this Horrible drug addiction. I feel sure there was a time in their life that they were good people.. This drug is destroying so many people. It will take you to a level in your life that you will steal and sell your body to get this drug. I fear for our younger children growing up with this drug out there. Thank you Will Lynn and all of the hard working officers out there trying to get this drug off our streets. As for the people bringing this drug to our cities.. I would be more than proud to help set your sorry xxx up.

  5. I do know these people…this is my son….I think both of them are still good people with a terrible addiction. I still have hope that they will both overcome this drug. Setting up the addicts is not getting this drug off our streets i am sad to say. I do not defend or condone what they have done…it was straight out wrong and I’m sure they will pay for it dearly. This is just my opinion and i am not trying to offend anyone.

  6. Drugs are horrible. Addiction is horrible. Stopping drugs and overcoming the addictions absolutely necessary. I will say this about folks who randomly cry “crucify” “crucify”. When it happens to a friend or relative that you have seen good in, watched struggle to get out of what they so foolishly got themselves into, then the cry will be “mercy” “mercy”. Try to remember that and show some compassion.

  7. Karen Dobbins, do you literally get on your hands and knees and “pray they can fight and beat this Horrible drug addiction”? Is the “horrible” part the drug or is it the addiction?

    “I feel sure there was a time in their life when they were good people.”

    You said before that you don’t know these people. Why are they no longer “good”? Because they got busted? Because they take/sell meth?

    “This drug is destroying so many people. It will take you to a level in your life where you will steal and sell your body to get this drug.”

    You do know that methamphetamine and amphetamine are prescribed to children for ADHD? I guess the difference is the dealer?

    Did you ever think that maybe (for whatever reason) whoever abuses drugs is already at a level in their life where they would do whatever and the drug they are using/abusing is just something to help them get through it? The drug doesn’t take them there. They are already there!

    I “fear for our younger children growing up” too. I feel they are not understood and misjudged by others.

  8. I know everyone has a right to post what they want to about people and drugs.Does anyone ever think that what they post will be read their parents and children. Some people can really be stupidasses by the crap they post. If the shoe fits WEAR IT.

  9. Praying for these young people to turn from the enemy (drugs) and turn to their redeemer and deliverer – their lord and savior – I also pray for their families who hurt because of their actions – May God bless this and turn it into something good

  10. People do not realize this is a sickness. It can happen in any family. It breaks hearts, it makes non users ill to see their children or grandchildren ruin their health and their future. So, before you condemn these drug users, just know, you are hurting their families with all your hateful comments. I should know, because I am one of the grandparents of a drug user.

  11. Having seen first hand sooo many people that I love be led astray by this very thing I feel it is just another of the Devil’s tools to bring about destruction in this world. I know both people involved and tho they have made bad choices, mercy is new daily.

  12. Its a very sad situation. I dont know the male that was arrested but I have met Hope. She is a beautiful girl. That just got mixed up in a very bad game. Addiction is sad. But it can be beat. Dont give up on these people. Addiction is a horrible sickness. But it can be over come. This I know from experience. I pray they will get the help they need.

  13. This comment is for Robin Taylor Alexander. Yes, I do literally get on my knees everyday and ask God to help my nephew and please help anyone else that’s fighting for their survival. I noticed you work at a liquor store. Do you ever pray for the safety of the people you sell alcohol to daily? Does it bother you when you read someone was killed by a drunk driver ? My 16 year old brother was killed while drinking and driving. Yes, I pray daily for everyone including you.

  14. Love and prayers to these two and to their families, I have lived with a family member who was an addict and I praise the Lord that my family member turned their life around, these two can too.

  15. Karen Dobbins, people that buy alcohol at a liquor store are solely responsible for it once they leave. It’s completely legal to buy and sell alcohol. Are car salesman responsible when someone is killed using a car? Gun salesman responsible for a shooting? I see no reason for any of us to get sideways with each other and I truly would appreciate your Prayers for my son and for Hope! I know they can beat this if they want to and perhaps this will be the event that will cause them to want to bad enough to succeed. 😉

  16. Being involved on a daily basis with people that have succumbed to this temptation that Satan has laid before them sheds somewhat of a different prospective on this. Where in the scripture does it say we are to shoot our wounded? Jesus healed many sick people while here on Earth. He never once condemned any one. Not the prostitute and not the leper and those afflicted with physical infirmities and the list goes on. Go and sin no more was Jesus’ reply to the prostitute. Self-righteousness is a cancer eating at the heart of many. Only through Jesus’ righteousness are we righteous. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. When someone get sick they go to the doctor and most have compassion for them. Why can’t people have compassion for these two that have stumbled? It’s easy to condemn others but in truth we are already condemned. What if this was your child that stumbled? Statistics show that most teenagers have tried this poison and lived to tell about it. This can be beaten if they want to. Lets all support them instead of kicking a shovel full of dirt in their face. Does alcohol being legal make it right? Both substances enter the temple of the Holy Spirit. Man made drugs illegal and made alcohol sales legal both are wrong in God’s eyes. In many instances silence and praying is all that’s needed. My Prayers are for both families and the many lives this has touched, Don’t allow self-righteousness eat your soul up. I know that some will condemn what I have posted but it is the truth. Think about what you are about to say before you say it, does it uplift the one who has fallen or does it kill. Life and death are in the tongue, you get to choose which one you give. Just a few thoughts. As brother Adrian Rogers often said, If I haven’t offended you yet just hold on I’ll get around to it soon.

  17. Well I for one am glad these two were caught they showed up there to sell drugs if you use drugs that’s your business if you sell them that’s my business when you use them your only hurting yourself when you sell them your hurting others they should get mandatory drug rehab and some jail time for selling

  18. Addiction is hell both to beat and to live with be you the addict or the family of one. I see lots of people who understand that on here and some that simply don’t care. I’m not saying they shouldn’t deal with the consequences of their actions but their parents and children should not have to deal with those of you spouting your opinions about their loved ones. Granted, you are entitled to your opinion but that doesn’t mean your opinion is not bullshit or that you should put it in their face. I’ve seen comments from people who know nothing of the two involved or the addiction, to comments from the family of the addict that actually set them up. They even laughed about it like they have no idea what their husband and father of their children is doing. What happens when he gets busted and has to go away, then what? Everyone in springhill has a family member that has dealt with this or is dealing with it presently. This town protects the ones with issues it wants to and try to publicly destroy the rest with no regard for their family or what happens to them after their sentence is served. In this little town they make sure everyone knows what you did and paint a picture that will never let you be more than what you are without leaving. I used to be proud to call Springhill my home, not anymore. Yes there are way too many drugs, yes I have done my share in the past. I paid for sins and moved on and the only way I could was to actually move out of town because of all the judgemental so-called Christians who turned their back on anyone with a problem. MAY God help us all!

  19. I feel so sorry for all concerned in this situations. They have children, moms, dads, families.
    I don’t know many families that drugs haven’t touched or alcohol abuse which is also a drug.
    Who ever has no problems cast the first stone.

  20. It just floors me how these people can make these nasty comments like they some squeaky clean perfect person themselves when in fact their closet runneth over with sins like alcohol addiction adultery and god knows what else be respectful for you never know when one of yours will fall down yes everyone knows what they did was wrong and they will pay for their mistakes as God sees fit

  21. I’m thankful for these drugs that have been taken off the streets. Meth has taken so many lives & so many people have become addicts after trying it just once.

  22. Kim. It can be overcome if there are willing to do the work. I did it have using for 20 years. Now have 2 1/2 years completely sober from everything. Through working the 12 steps of AA. Attending meetings and working with a sponsor. I pray your son and his girl get through this and beat that demon on their backs. It’s a terrible thing

  23. Problem with meth is it kills kills the good person and replaces with the devil. After a while there is no more good left to redeem. Not saying give up just don’t expect more than there is.

  24. Mr. Terry is absolutely right but to be fair the one posting isn’t the only stupid as here. What about the stupid asses that provided this material to post in the first place? I guess my point is don’t be ashamed of your own baggage and anyway if there loved ones couldn’t tell they were strung out by lookin at them then they need a little shocker in there lives!

  25. Somebody asked them one day to try it they did. They like it keep doing it. Went from user to addict and graduated to dealer…. No i do not feel sorry or have compassion for these people. One day my kids will be older and out with friends around this area and i hate to know they are out there pushing their shit on others. Good job Drug Task Force!!!!! Oh and if the judge happens to read facebook just think it could have been one of your nieces, newphews or kids they were trying to ask to try it, sell it too. So just keep them off the streets long as you can make a safer place for the rest of us.

  26. Wow there is so much love here, that is great. I really hope you keep it up. Obviously this is a NEW thing because last week there was a minden man who received 60 years in jail for drugs. Nothing near the amount that these two victems of addication had. Why the hatred in the comments and the attitude aginst this man was so strong and this is so tempered, some peopel might think because they are young white people and he was a black man that this is dam good example of white privledge and the old double standard. Now for thoes people, soemone please explain just, why it isn’t.

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