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Ringgold woman arrested for attempted murder


A woman was arrested for attempted first-degree murder after she reportedly drug a police officer down Homer Road with her vehicle.


Vicky Brackens, 54, of the 1100 block of Hall Street in Ringgold, was arrested Sunday, Jan. 31, for attempted first-degree murder, aggravated flight from an officer and felony theft (third offense).

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper says around 7:30 a.m., police received a call from Walmart in reference to a woman attempting to leave the store with two televisions for which she had not paid, adding she left the two



  1. Charles Rathbun
    throw her a$$ in jail and throw away the key!..how did she get out of the store? C'mon Wally world "security"...get your $hit together. How does someone get out of the store with 2 TVs? Heck, I couldn't get out the door with stuff I paid for without the dang alarm going off.