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Three arrested on meth lab charges

J. Ashcroft

An alert had North Webster Narcotics Task Force agents responding to a store where a Shongaloo man reportedly bought items consistent with a clandestine methamphetamine lab.

Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office Lt. Shawn Baker and Springhill Police Det. Ronald Wedgeworth responded to the Springhill Walmart where they set up surveillance of the store. James Allen Ashcraft, 47, of the 800 block of Highway 615, reportedly known for illegally manufacturing methamphetamine, along with his son, Zackery Ashcraft, were observed purchasing two boxes of pseudoephedrine, totaling five grams.



  1. Bill Douchie
    This is a HUGE reach for trying to bust someone for a meth lab. I guess these cops need to go and arrest half of the United States for "clandestine meth lab". There has to be more to the story. These two cops aren't bright, but they have superiors at the WPSO and the DA's office that are relatively smart people. No doubt someone will put a halt to their nonsense. Ashkroft has to make a big deal out of this. It sounds like small town cops not liking someone, stalking them, spying on them, and hitting them with a huge made up charge that is way out of line. Big Gary Sexton... take their badges or let them be guards at the jail. Its time to retire some of these slower fellas and upgrade to............ ugh... ugh... Chris Cheatham???... ugh... well never mind, you better keep them or raise the job's salary, so you can get better applicants.
  2. James Ashcraft
    Shawn Baker cant get his drinking right they put you on front page innocent make u look guilty. Also what about his drinking driving . Well I WAS INNOCENT HE IS NOT . sHE WAS INNOCENT HE IS NOT. Its a shame we have this croked system in place where you get put in jail innocent a bond so high u cant make it and no arrest record of any kind in 48 years. They keep you in jail u loose everything u own then they find you NOT GUILTY. No sorry, no we were wrong lets put that in the paper. OH NO. Hide the driving drinking and Shawn guilty of. Well Thats Webster parish for u. Its not just me everyone. watch your back with them. He gets someone in Jail hounds them threats them tells them he let them go if they tell him something. All it takes is some druggy knowing your name to gice him. He so stupid he belive them arrest you with nothing but there word. Let them free to go trap u with there system. U got a drug charge. I got hyper tention and other medical problems in which meth. has no use in my life for. She got loopus and a lot other medical problems. They took her peroxide and my distilled water and our sinus medicans. charged us. He went home to his couisin house drink till he cant walk. Then drove to his house. Bet you dont here that. Shame on Webster parish for keeping piece work like this. Im going texas. Cant stay here.