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Candidate Q&A: Cullen mayor

by Minden Press-Herald

CULLEN – One thing is certain in the upcoming Cullen mayoral election. A new mayor will be elected in the north Webster Parish town.

Current mayor, Ray Mills, chose not to seek re-election leaving the field open to Terry “Bippy” Hoof, no party and “Mr. Gary” Sullivan, other party.

Hoof and Sullivan were asked five questions by email, below are there responses as answered.

What is the most pressing issue facing Cotton Valley today?

Hoof: Parks and Recreation, senior citizens involvement, and the beautification of the town.

Sullivan: Lack of communications from City Hall for the residents of the Town and funding for Town services.

What worries you most about Cotton Valley currently?

Hoof: Getting youth involved…recreation. They absolutely have nothing to do!

Sullivan: Lack of activities for the children also for our Senior Citizens. More activities are needed.

What project(s) could you begin in your first term to improve each of the following years?

Hoof: The project I would like to begin is working with the youth and getting the park ready for use for the children. We would love to see some businesses come in Cullen. Community fellowship monthly with allow us to be great neighbors again and fall in love with the town of Cullen once again.

Sullivan: Town wide newsletter to keep our residents informed about things they have a right to know. The Lemon Street Park Project. Continue with property inspections to get the Town in better appearance so we can attract new business and so people would want to move to Cullen.

What differentiates you from your opponent?

Hoof: I’ve been working and getting involved with the community longer. I have years of experience in water leaks and sewage clean-outs by working prior with the Police Jury.

Sullivan: Multiple certifications from Louisiana State University FETI including: Firefighter 1 and 2, Fire inspector 1 and 2, Public Fire Educator. I am also a certified as an Emergency Medical Responder and have more certifications.

What about you might surprise voters?

Hoof: I’m an ordained elder/minister. I can repair small engine mowers and tractors.

Sullivan: How diverse my immediate family is. My oldest daughter has two children with a nice man from Niger in Africa. My youngest daughter is married to a nice man from Puerto Rico. My oldest son has two children and married to a fantastic woman from South Korea. My middle son married a Native American woman and they have a daughter. My youngest son has three children and married to a All American girl.

Cullen residents will cast their ballot for the next mayor of the town Nov. 8.

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