Alexander: Louisiana is Justified in Defying New Biden Transgender Rules in Title IX

I love my dear home of Louisiana and am often proud of it, but never more so than this past week as Governor Jeff Landry, Attorney General Liz Murrill and Louisiana Superintendent of Education, Cade Brumley, announced that the new Biden Title IX rules are unconstitutional, an overreach of federal law and dangerous for biological females.  The rule change formalizes the Biden Department of Education’s redefinition of the meaning of “sex” to include “gender identity.”

Attorney General Murrill stated that these new Title IX regulations are intended to “remake American societal norms through the classrooms, lunchrooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms of American schools.”

Louisiana sued the Biden Administration immediately in federal court.

A.G. Murrill recounted the law’s history, stating that Title IX was passed to “prevent and protect against pervasive discrimination against biological women.”  After highlighting the heavy-handedness of the new regulations, she clarified the ultimate point: “The term ‘sex’ has always been understood to mean biological sex” but now it has been perversely broadened to include “gender identity.”

The new regulations are benignly entitled “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance.”  However, the effects they will have on young females are reckless and dangerous.

As I have noted before, transgender proponents argue that boys who identify as girls actually are girls.  No, they’re not.  And they are definitely not biologically—males clearly have physical advantages over females—and in physical sports, gender and biology really do matter. 

The fact that this has even become a disputed matter is a testament to how unhinged, morally, and ethically, our nation has become.  At a time when Americans are frequently told to ‘follow the science’ science is here rejected with the resulting unfairness to female competitors.

This insanity was first advanced in 2022 when President Biden made a striking departure from the previous position on Title IX   and issued an order entitled Preventing and Combating Discrimination Based on Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.  The order states in pertinent part that “[a]ll persons should receive equal treatment under the law without regard to their gender identity or sexual orientation.”  This language may sound like it is grounded in a concern for “equality,” but it is not.

Conversely, the Trump Administration specifically reaffirmed the position that public school districts may exclude students from athletic teams based on “gender identity” and could require students to use bathrooms based on biological sex, rather than gender identity.

Again, the real tragedy is that all of the progress of Title IX for females is now threatened by the transgender agenda, which seeks to allow biological males to compete in girl’s and women’s sports.  

Let’s also remember that sports and athletics play an integral role in the development of young girls who will be robbed of the opportunity for that growth and development—and athletic scholarships which may be their only chance at college—if forced to compete with biological males. 

As tennis great, Martina Navratilova, has said, ““[T]here will always be significant numbers of boys and men who would beat the best girls and women in head-to-head competition.  Claims to the contrary are simply a denial of science.” 

And let’s not forget that the national Left—as distinguished from the honorable opposition living in Louisiana—constantly screech about “toxic masculinity.”  But may I suggest that there is no more damaging and dangerous form of so-called toxic masculinity than transgenderism.

I also note that numerous other states, including Arkansas Governor, Sarah Sanders, joined in the condemnation of the Title IX “revisions,” issuing an executive order directing her state’s schools to defy the Biden Administration’s expansion of Title IX.  She asserted her state’s commitment to preserving the traditional understanding of sex as an “immutable characteristic of the human body” firmly “rooted in biology and the created order.”  (The Epoch Times, C. Pearson, 5-2-24).  Sanders asserts that “government should celebrate, not erase, sex differences by providing proper protections for them.” She concluded that the Biden Administration “has rejected reality and chosen to appease their left-wing base and advance a radical gender ideology over students’ safety and best interests.” (Id.)

Let’s end this gender delusion and confusion.

The 10th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution provides Louisiana with every right to push back against and reject such federal encroachment into these matters of state control, including the intrinsic meaning of gender, biology, health, and life.  I am proud our state is doing so.

Shreveport attorney, Royal Alexander, worked in D.C. in the U.S. House of Representatives for nearly 8 years for two different Members of Congress from Louisiana.