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Are you making resolutions or plans for 2018?

by Minden Press-Herald

The beautiful holiday we planned so long for has come and gone.

The leftovers have been relegated to become takeouts for our visitors. They either graciously took them or politely declined. In that case, we were left to dispose of them in some manner. A bit of each may be stored in the refrigerator, but one can only eat so much cranberry salad, Death by Chocolate and chicken and dressing.

The sweet potato casserole, which could also double as a dessert, has been finished off, as has the green bean casserole.

With all the rich foods out of sight and out of mind, one finds himself longing for the plain black-eyed peas and cabbage of New Year’s Day. At our house we substitute turnip greens for the cabbage. One of the children doesn’t eat cabbage but loves turnip greens, so our reasoning is they’re both green so there is probably no difference. (Still greenbacks)

The wrapping paper and ribbons that we spent hours using to adorn our carefully selected gifts have been torn, wadded and tossed in the trash.

One may find himself still finding snippets of paper or tape on the furniture, tables and elsewhere.

The tree and other decorations don’t have much longer to liven up the rooms, or else, they, too, have been removed.

As I sit and contemplate the hustle and bustle that occurs before we enjoy the short spell of festivities, it makes me ponder what’s coming up. What lies ahead in the new year?

Thinking about the new year calls to mind the trend to make New Year’s Resolutions. All of us have done it at some time in our lives, and almost always have broken them before the year is half gone. We may have even vowed to never again make resolutions.

That was me. Never again. But this morning I found myself thinking of some things that need my attention in the near future. Do I dare call them resolutions or should I just say these are my plans? That way I might not feel so guilty if I don’t follow through.

First of all, I need to work on my health habits. I don’t want to say I’m going on a diet because I have tried every one that ever came along. They work for a while, but I soon lose interest and revert to my old ways. So I’m just saying I’m going to try to eat healthier which means I’ll be giving up most of my sweets. As much as I enjoy baking, this will be hard. I’ll try to eat fewer fat foods, and more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Second, I need to move more. I’m not saying I’ll exercise at least 30 minutes a day, even though that is what is recommended. I’ll just say I’m going to do less sitting in the recliner and move about more. That will be a start.

Third, I need to shed a few pounds, even though my family physician assured me I was healthy and not be too concerned, just don’t gain anymore. That is fine and I had reconciled myself to that until I went shopping a few weeks ago. Nothing fits this short, out of proportion body and I am almost convinced clothing manufacturers just ignore the fact that we exist and spend all their time and effort courting the young, slim bodies out there.

But, who knows. If I can accomplish one and two, then it might help with number three.

So, to stay healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually will be my plans for the coming year. My non-resolutions.
Wishing each of you a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Fannie Moore is a journalist who lives in Shongaloo where she enjoys writing on a variety of subjects.

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