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Bids top Webster Parish School Board meeting

by Minden Press-Herald

The Webster Parish School Board is set to open bids for the new construction that will help alleviate issues for kindergarten and first grade students at J.E. Harper Elementary School.

Set for 2 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 18, school board members will consider the adoption of resolutions regarding the bids for the purchase of $7 million in general obligation bonds.

This board meeting is the next step in the process of getting the $7 million in funding needed to build a new wing onto Webster Junior High School to move the sixth grade there from J.A. Phillips Middle School. A new wing will be built at Phillips so the entire facility will house Pre-K through first grade.

Harper has been plagued with infrastructure issues that are not suitable for the age group attending the school. Some of those issues include insufficient restroom facilities, an open air classroom setting which leads to high noise levels and other factors.

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