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Bossier City Police warns: CITIZENS BEWARE!

by Minden Press-Herald

Bossier City Police Chief Daniel Haugen wants to warn our local citizens of a scam that targets elderly and unsuspecting victims. In this latest scam the victims are contacted by mail or by phone and told that they have received a large prize from Publishing Clearing House. The victim then is sent a check that looks real for a large amount. The scammers will provide a name and phone number to establish communication. The scammers then advise the victim that before they deposit the check they must first send money to cover the taxes and other fees for the FDIC. THIS IS A SCAM!!! The FDIC will not require a citizen at anytime to send money. This is not a legitimate prize through Publishing Clearing House. In the most recent local scam the unsuspecting victim was taken for over $32,000.00. The Bossier City Police Department warns and encourages citizens NEVER  SEND MONEY TO GET MONEY.  Protect your finances and don’t be fooled.

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