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Building Empires at Richardson

by Minden Press-Herald

Students at E.S. Richardson Elementary School have been delving into the rich history of the Inca and Aztec empires, thanks to the innovative teaching methods of Mrs. Pulse’s class.

In a recent Facebook post by the school, it was revealed that students have been fully immersed in exploring the intricacies of these ancient civilizations. Last week, they took their learning to the next level by embarking on a creative project: building their own empires.

Using their knowledge of the economical, physical, and social structures of the Inca and Aztec empires as inspiration, students crafted the foundations of their own imaginary realms. Through this hands-on activity, they had the opportunity to apply what they had learned in a practical and engaging way.

Today, the culmination of their efforts was on display as students presented their newly created empires to their peers. Armed with presentations showcasing their empire’s unique characteristics and features, each student had the chance to share their vision with their classmates. (Photos Courtesy of Richardson Elementary School)

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