DOYLINE – The Camp Minden Citizens Advisory Group has decided not to pursue fines against Explosive Service International for not submitting their site closure plan in a timely manner.

Chairman Ron Hagar said even though it was on the agenda, they skipped it because everything is moving in the right direction – the cleanup and dismantlement of the contained burn chamber by ESI, who safely disposed of nearly 16 million pounds of M6 propellant improperly stored by the now defunct Explo Systems Inc.

“Since the letter came out from (Maj.) Gen. (Glenn) Curtis that they were going to idle the machine, and it wasn’t going to stay, there was no reason to pursue it,” he said.

For the last two to three meetings, the CAG had discussed options to push the contractor into submitting a site closure plan as they had missed the deadline. However, the contract was amended to go through August, Winston Matejowsky, Louisiana Military Department M6 project coordinator, said.

He explained that had the Environmental Protection Agency has the option to fine LMD for not submitting a site closure plan, and those costs would have been passed down to the contractor or whoever is at fault for the violation.

“If you don’t produce a deliverable, such as a plan, then you can be fined, depending on the two categories, $1,000 a day or $2,000 a day,” he said.

Matejowsky said ESI has contracted SEMS, a consulting agency in Baton Rouge, to write their site closure plan, and as soon as it is complete, it will be submitted to the LMD and EPA for review, then posted to the Louisiana Army National Guard’s website under Camp Minden and the EPA’s website.

In other CAG news, results from the water well sampling in and around Camp Minden and the Doyline area is complete and the results are in. A meeting has been set for Tuesday, June 13 to share those results with the public. A time and schedule will be released as it becomes available.

The Army National Guard tested wells and surface water for any harmful chemicals related to the burn chamber as destruction of the M6 was underway.

Matejowsky said cleanup efforts are still underway as the contained burn chamber remains idle. He said the bins and the staging area are being cleaned and wiped down. They have about eight magazines remaining to sweep to make sure they are clear of any residual materials, and then the bunkers will be sealed, he said.