Campbell: Cities should use LED streetlights

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Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell says Louisiana taxpayers could potentially save millions of dollars if electric companies and cities convert to new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly streetlights.

“New technology such as LED light fixtures can provide better quality light while requiring much less energy and maintenance,” Campbell said.

Campbell is proposing that the PSC conduct a comprehensive review of streetlight technology used across Louisiana and commission-approved streetlight rates charged to cities.

Campbell said the review would estimate how much cities could save by converting to LED lights or other new fixtures that use less power and last longer.

“Cities typically pay for streetlights based on how much energy they use, how long they last and how much they cost to install,” Campbell said.

“This is a very large expense for cities. One federal study said streetlights represent as much as 40 percent of a typical city’s electric bill.

“Shreveport alone has between 30,000 and 35,000 streetlights.”

The PSC staff will reach out to cities, electric utilities and other interested parties to participate in the research.
“I understand that the revenues collected by utilities for maintaining streetlights are important to Louisiana electric companies. I want their input.”

Campbell said his streetlight study will be on the PSC agenda for its January monthly meeting at Baton Rouge.


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