The mother of a 5-year-old little girl is relieved her daughter is safe after she was mistakenly put on the wrong bus at E.S. Harper Elementary School.

It was the first day of school for Tikandis Edwards’ little girl, and she said her daughter was supposed to get on the bus for the Children’s Center. The manager called her and told her she had her son but not her daughter.

“The (Webster Jr. High School) principal called me and said my daughter was at Webster,” she said. “I told the teacher she was supposed to get on the Children’s Center bus. She was shaking and crying. No one was at the school to pick her up. I’m just glad she’s safe.”

Superintendent of Schools Johnny Rowland Jr. said Harper is aware of the situation.

“She is addressing the situation and appropriately making communication with the family members,” Rowland said. “She talked to a family member Tuesday.”

Edwards just wants to know how her daughter could have been called up for the bus when she wasn’t signed up to ride the bus. Each student is sent home with a bus form, and parents must fill it out and return it to the bus driver.

She has contacted the school board office and is awaiting a phone call from them, she said.

Edwards said she knows the incident didn’t happen on purpose, but she wants the school to be more mindful of where the children are supposed to go when it’s time to leave school for the day.

“I called (Wednesday) to make sure she got on the Children’s Center bus,” she said.

Rowland said he understood her worry, and the district cares about the safety and welfare of all their students.

“As the new school year begins, and the kindergartners started yesterday, we are mindful of any kinks we may have at the beginning, and we are working diligently for the betterment and safety of our children,” he said.