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Christmas Cards to the Community returns

by Amber McDown

The festive spirit takes center stage in Minden as the much-awaited Christmas season approaches, unveiling an engaging initiative known as “Christmas Cards to the Community.” This event extends an exclusive invitation to local businesses, organizations, churches, schools, and others invested in making a mark within the Greater Minden area. 

The Christmas Cards initiative offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach out to the thousands of individuals, commuters, and visitors flocking through downtown Minden during the vibrant Christmas season.

Participants have the chance to seize two prizes – the coveted “Best in Show” award carrying a $125 cash prize and the “People’s Choice” award, featuring a $100 cash prize. With limited spots available to exhibit these creative cards, interested participants are urged to secure their place by promptly contacting the Greater Minden Chamber at (318) 377-4240.

“Christmas Cards to the Community” is not merely an event but an avenue for businesses and organizations to resonate with the holiday cheer, make special offers, and connect with the pulse of the community. Act swiftly to be part of this celebration!

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