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Barnette discusses new firearms regulations at Lions Club meeting

by Amber McDown

Ryan Barnette, a former law enforcement officer and current concealed-carry training instructor, addressed the Minden Lions Club at their noon meeting on May 16. Barnette informed the club about upcoming changes to firearms regulations in Louisiana.

Starting July 4, 2024, citizens aged 18 and up will be able to carry firearms without a permit, provided they are legally permitted to do so. Restrictions on carrying firearms in specific locations such as government offices, schools, and parades remain unchanged.

The permitting process for concealed carry will still be available, offering benefits such as recognition of Louisiana permits in 38 other states. This allows Louisiana residents to carry concealed firearms in those states, whereas the new permitless carry, also known as Constitutional carry, does not extend to other states. Additionally, permit holders can purchase additional firearms without undergoing background checks.

Barnette emphasized the importance of training for anyone who carries a weapon. “I am a huge proponent of firearms training. I think that if you’re going to wear a gun, especially out in public, you need to know how to use it,” he said. “Training is good. It’s something everyone should get if they’re going to be carrying a firearm. As responsible gun owners and gun carriers, that is something that we should be taking upon ourselves to do in the first place. Training should be recent, relevant, and realistic.”

He also advised travelers to research gun laws in the states they visit, as each state’s laws apply regardless of permits.

“One of the reasons that I do like this law change so much is the simple fact that, whether you’re a good guy or a bad guy, if you want to carry a gun you’re already doing it. What this does is takes the good guys out there who want to carry a gun for the right reasons, and it decriminalizes them,” Barnette said.

Barnette also mentioned a proposed law that would fine businesses up to $1,000 for not allowing off-duty law enforcement officers to carry their weapons inside. This law does not prevent businesses from prohibiting firearms carried by regular citizens, whether they have a permit or not.

The Minden Lions Club, dedicated to community service, invites potential new members to join. Meetings are held every Thursday at noon at the American Legion Memorial Hall, 119 W. Pine St., in downtown Minden. Joining the Lions Club is an opportunity to contribute to the community and make a difference in Minden.

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