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City changes slogan with the hire of new Economic Development Director

Minden has decided to revamp its city slogan from “Making It Work” to “Feels Like Home.” This change was carried out through a collaborative effort between Minden’s new Economic Director Phillip Smart and IT Specialist Will Gerding. 

“It was a team effort. We sat down and wanted to make some changes to help move Minden forward, and one of the things was the slogan,” said Smart.  

One of the key reasons that they wanted to change the city’s slogan in the first place was to give the phrase a more comfortable tone. 

“When you come to Minden, one of the key things you see is “Making it Work, which to me is like saying something’s broken and we’re just going to make it work. We’re not going to fix it, just make it work from here,” said Smart.

“We don’t want to just make it work, we want people to feel at home, make people feel comfortable.”

They went through a couple of different ideas before they settled on “Feels Like Home”, but something about the other slogans they came up with just didn’t feel right to them. “We thought that something wasn’t there, that something was missing,” said Will Gerding. When they came up with, “Feels Like Home,” Gerding stopped and said, “that’s exactly what I feel when I think of Minden.”

Smart added, “I’m from Arcadia, so Minden isn’t home for me, but when I got here, it felt just like it. It felt like this is where I want to establish my roots.”

Being business-friendly was another priority when they came up with the slogan, wanting to convey to people that this place to bring their business here. 

“If it feels like home to businesses and feels like home to other people, then your community is going to grow. If we all just come together, we can make Minden a wonderful place to live,” said Smart.