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City of Minden adopts road closure guidelines

by Minden Press-Herald

A new policy concerning the closure of streets in the City of Minden was adopted by the city council at the November meeting. Police Chief Steve Cropper assisted the council in drafting the policies after a need for guidelines and procedures were recognized.

“Often we would get calls asking for streets to be blocked for various reasons or we would be notified that streets had already been blocked by residents,” Cropper told the council. “These policies will help individuals and groups who need to block a street, for a private gathering or a community event, do so in a way that is consistent and respectful.”

The policy requires applicants to submit request through the mayor’s office at least 10 days before the requested closure. Applications submitted less than 10 days cannot be guaranteed a response for approval.

Upon application approval, a copy of the application will be forwarded to the Minden Public Works Department, Minden Police Department, Minden Fire Department, Advanced Emergency Medical Service Ambulance, Pafford EMS Ambulance and Emergency 911 dispatcher.

An approved “Temporary Street Closure Application” will be given to the applicant to have with him/her on the day of the event.

However, it is important to note each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis and applicants should not assume their request authorized until they have been notified.

Barricade equipment may be provided by the city, if available. Barricades will be delivered by the Public Works Department the last working day before the event and will be picked up the first working day after the event. Applicants may rent barricade equipment from vendors.

In either case, setup and takedown of the equipment shall be the responsibility of the applicant. The applicant will be responsible for the equipment while in their possession. The street should be reopened immediately following the conclusion of the event and the barricades placed to the side of the street for pickup.

Other important information to the new policy includes:

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the street.

Events with outdoor music shall cease music before 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 10 p.m. on all other days.

The applicant and/or second contact person must be available at all time during the hours of the event.

The applicant is responsible to contact all affected neighbors that are located within area and/or would have restricted access to their driveways.

Fire hydrants shall not be obstructed.

Promptly following the conclusion of the event, the applicant shall clean the right of way equivalent to its condition before the temporary closure.

The City may require event insurance indemnifying the City for street closure requests that are open to the general public or when the closure request is anticipated to have a large number of attendees.

The City of Minden will not be responsible for any costs for establishing, running or maintaining the closure.

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