The City of Minden is making good on its promise to move the city forward by way of hiring an economic development director.

“This process has taken some time, but we have been very deliberate in who we have selected,” Mayor Tommy Davis said.
Details of James Graham, the newest City of Minden employee, are known to a select few in the decision making process.

“This is the first time we have ever had a full time economic director and we want to introduce him to our community with some amount of fan fare,” Davis explained, noting details will be released at a later date as Graham is received by the community.

Davis, members of the Minden City Council and members of the economic developer search committee say they feel Graham is a qualified candidate who will serve the area well.

“I want to commend the city council and the mayor for seeing [the plan] for Minden through,” Jerri de Pingre’, President of the Minden South-Webster Chamber of Commerce said. “I expect to work closely with (Graham) and am excited to build the relationship between the chamber and the city.”

Davis says Graham is well qualified and has all the “credentials and qualifications of the position”.

While the Economic Development Department budget is new, it includes a $65,000 salary.

“This was planned for and is part of what our city needs to do to move forward,” Davis said.