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‘Collaboration’ will lead to success


Many businesses and leaders in the Minden community recently received an exciting email from City of Minden Economic Development Director James Graham.

“No other community in Louisiana has marshalled together so many different resources in one place, at one time, to help individuals living in one community to fulfill their personal dream of being a successful business owner,” the email said.

Called “The Collaboration,” Graham said this initiative aims to put all the economic and entrepreneurial players on the same team.

“This unique undertaking involves the collaboration of federally-supported organizations, the State of Louisiana, the City of Minden, local banks, the Northwest Louisiana Technical College and other private and public organizations working together to provide very high quality and intense ‘high-touch’ assistance/training to individuals seeking to start or expand a business in Minden,” Graham’s email said.

These are exciting times indeed for Minden. The Collaboration looks to be the catalyst for economic growth in the city. Just imagine the benefit to an up-and-coming business having all the right players available to kickstart things.

As someone who has seen the power of collaboration first hand, I am more than excited.

In Bossier City and Parish, collaboration between government entities, private businesses, and education brought things like Louisiana Boardwalk, Cyber Innovation Center, and CSRA’s Integrated Technology Center into reality.

These entities worked together to make land, infrastructure, financing, and workforce available to land these great companies and venues. It would have never happened if one or more decided to obstruct, or sit on their hands while others did the work. They were all group efforts and group wins.

Simply put, collaboration works.

The fact that several entities are willing to work together to form The Collaboration is very encouraging. From state level departments, to local boards and banks, all are on the same page for the betterment of Minden.

These efforts are not going unnoticed either, according to the email. “Due to the special and unique nature of this initiative, the Governor and the Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development have expressed an interest in attending. They have been invited to attend.”

Al this kicks off Oct. 26 at Northwest Louisiana Technical College. I, for one, plan to be there and lend all the support I can to the effort. I encourage everyone to cheer on, and assist in, this effort. With the “collaboration” of all, The Collaboration will be a success.