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Crimson Tide record book goes on sale at game

by Minden Press-Herald

The cover of the Minden High School record book.

The cover of the Minden High School record book.

Minden High football fans no longer have to wonder what the Crimson Tide’s record was in 1979, who has the school record for rushing yards, the last time the Tide went undefeated or about anything else for that matter.

The Minden High football record book goes on sale Friday at the Crimson Tide’s home game against the Haughton Buccaneers and will encompass every aspect of Minden football dating back as far as 1916.
Co-authors and Minden High football radio broadcast team, Mark Chreene and Jake Chapman, worked tirelessly for two years to make this Tide fan’s dream a reality.

“This is a labor of love for Jake and I,” Chreene said. “We started it two years ago, simply as a way to bring additional information to games. For example, if a running back had a big night, we wanted to see where his performance ranked historically.”

Once the research began and the information began to pile up, Chreene said he realized it wouldn’t be fair for him to keep all these nuggets to himself. Furthermore, he saw it as a way for current Crimson Tiders to read about the legacy of Minden football players before them.

“We’re hoping it might be motivation for guys to try and get their name in a future record book,” Chreene said.

There were a couple of obstacles that almost stood in the way of the book’s creation, according to Chreene’s broadcast partner and good friend Jake Chapman.

“We learned pretty soon the coverage was pretty spotty before World War II,” Chapman said.

“Sometimes there was no coverage.”

Then there was a time where Chapman lost the flash drive the duo had stored about 50 years of history on.

“We had to completely start over,” Chapman said. “But it actually allowed us to be more detailed; and I believe what we have now is bigger and better than what we started with.”
Inside the bounds of the book, Tide fans will be able to flip through extensive information regarding players, teams and coaches from Minden, as well as information on opposing teams through the years. Chapman also said he and Chreene were able to dig up some old pictures throughout the decades to be included in the book.

All proceeds will go to the Minden football program.

“We think this is something that hopefully will reinvigorate passion and pride for Minden High School football,” Chreene said. “When talking to people around town about it, you can hear the excitement in their voices.”

The book will be on sale for $20 at the game and can be purchased at KASO Radio starting Monday.

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