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District Attorney to file suit against Councilman of Dist. A, Hebert Taylor III

by David Specht

On Friday, March 13th, the District Attorney of the 26th Judicial District, Schuyler Marvin, provided his opinion in regard to complaints his office has received about Councilman Herbert Taylor of Dist. A allegedly moving out of the district he represents. 

“The District Attorney’s office has recently received several complaints with the latest complaint being dated March 11, 2020. The complaints are that Minden Councilman Herbert Taylor, III has moved out of District A, and no longer meets the qualifications required to hold that office,” Marvin stated.

“Louisiana law generally requires that if a legitimate complaint is filed with the District Attorney, then the District Attorney must conduct an investigation and provide his opinion within 20 days of the receipt of that complaint.”

The specifics of the investigation, as well as other relevant information to Marvin’s statement, can be found in the classified section of tomorrow’s paper.

Referring to the information mentioned above, Marvin stated, “After reviewing the above documents, I have concluded that Herbert Taylor, III, has moved from the place where he resided at the time he filed and qualified for the office of councilman, District A, and that, in compliance with the requirements of law as set forth above, I must file suit in the 26th Judicial District Court in order that the office may be declared vacant.” 

The Press-Herald contacted Councilman Taylor in regard to the suit who stated he had no comment at this time. 

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