Dorcheat Historical Museum auction, gala a success

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The Dorcheat Historical Museum received a huge financial boost Monday when gala attendees opened their pocketbooks to keep the local dream alive.

While the grand total is still being totaled, museum director Schelley Brown Francis said this year’s gala was a huge success.

“I am so pleased with the crowd we have tonight. I am excited to see new faces in the crowd,” she said. “It is hard to keep people interested in preserving our history these days and to see this many people come out and support local history is a real blessing to the museum. It says a lot about the people of our area. I think we will do as well this year as in years past”

More than 100 guests were in attendance for an event, which included a silent auction and large spread of food.

Francis said money from the fundraiser goes toward furthering the mission of the museum.

“It took many years of hard work and perseverance to get where we are today,” she said. “We will never jeopardize that accomplishment. Holding on to what we have built up since 2007 is the most important thing. We have had many people to be thankful for in this process.

“We still have many dreams for the future,” she continued. “We are confident that our expansion project is something that will take place one day. Money was raised to purchase the building in 2013, and a new roof and front were completed, as well as some items on the inside of this newest building.”

Museum Archivist Eddie Hammontree said the museum has had many visitors this year.

“The museum has had hundreds of visitors this past year from all over the country and overseas as well,” she said. “The Dorcheat Historical Museum is a showplace for our area and especially our school children. The museum has been a place for other museum officials to gather advice and knowledge for their own museums. Genealogy research has been a big part of what we have assisted with this year.”

For more information on the Dorcheat Museum call 377-3002 or visit at 116 Pearl Street.

To sign up for updates visit the website at or find the museum on Facebook.


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