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Doyline Junior High students visit Melrose Plantation

by Minden Press-Herald

Doyline High School’s eighth grade class took a field trip to the Melrose Plantation outside of Natchitoches on Friday. They were shown paintings of the famous Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter , as well as a tour of the Yucca Plantation, and of an inside tour of the antebellum plantation. This field trip was the result of the Target Corporation Grant that was written and won by Doyline’s eigth grade English teacher Alexis Nelson in December 2015. Nelson intertwined her grant with the ELA Louisiana Guidebook for teachers along with Louisiana History, taught by Sammi Dunn.

As part of this unit, having to do with sugar cane and slavery, Nelson is also, for this week’s final exams in English, having her students to create an imaginary business pertaining to sugar, in which they will bring dishes to sample while conducting a presentation on their business mimicking the popular television show SharkTank.

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