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Dual enrollment flourishes at Northwest LTCC

by Amber McDown

The Northwest Louisiana Technical Community College (LTCC) enrolled over 40 students for dual enrollment classes last Friday. Dual enrollment is when credit for a single class is counted toward both the high school and the college degree. Some benefits of dual enrollment are  that it “enriches the course opportunities for high school students; accelerates the completion of a career and technical education certificate, diploma or degree, which saves students and parents money; enables students to explore occupational interests; and encourages lifelong learning,” according to Northwest LTCC’s website. The Webster Parish School Board’s Pupil Progression Plan for 2021-2022 states that “Webster Parish high schools shall offer as many dual enrollment (for junior & senior level students only) courses through area colleges/universities as feasible and available.” These courses are to be taken at the student’s high school if the class is available there. Online classes must be approved by the school’s principal, and will only be considered “when the school’s approved master schedule cannot meet the student’s academic needs for high school graduation.”

Students from Bienville, Union and Webster Parishes were part of Friday’s enrollment. 

“These students received their schedules, took pictures for their ID Cards, practiced accessing LOLA, and were given tips on how to be successful college students,” states a Facebook post from Northwest LTCC. “With dual enrollment, students begin accumulating college credits while still in high school. Students have the opportunity to complete college faster while earning college credits while still in high school.”

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