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Emergency bridge closure will cause bus delays in Dubberly

by Amber McDown

School officials were informed this afternoon, April 11, that the bridge near the general store in Dubberly had been closed for emergency repairs. The bridge closure, located on LA 531 south of LA 532, is expected to cause disruptions for commuters and school bus routes.

Daniel Lee, principal of Central Elementary School, asserts that there are other ways to access the school while avoiding the closed bridge. “There are alternate routes, and most of the people who live out here know them,” said Principal Lee.

Lee also stated that bus routes will be adjusted accordingly, but minor delays are to be expected. This closure adds to the challenges faced by Central Elementary this week, as the school was closed yesterday due to a power outage.

The bridge closure is deemed necessary due to the structure’s condition, and repairs are scheduled to begin as soon as materials arrive. However, there is currently no specified date for reopening. Residents and commuters are advised to plan their routes accordingly to avoid inconvenience.

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