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Fight leads to arrest in Springhill

by Minden Press-Herald



SPRINGHILL – Springhill police arrested a man after his girlfriend called saying she had been hit during an argument.

Harvey D. Bates, 40, of the 500 block of 4th Street SE, was arrested Friday, Oct. 30, on the charge of domestic abuse battery. Bond was set at $266.

Springhill police chief Will Lynd says Bates’ girlfriend called police saying he’d struck her.

“He and his girlfriend were fighting over some money,” he said. “She called us saying that she was being beaten and hit. We got over there and she didn’t want to press charges.”

Lynd says they picked up the charge on their own given the nature of alleged offense.

“We felt like a domestic situation had occurred,” he explained.

According to reports, when Sgt. Rex Morse and Officer H.D. Ainsworth arrived at the scene, Bates was trying to leave the scene.

He was handcuffed for officers’ safety, and once they interviewed the victim, Bates was placed under arrest on the above charge.

He was transported to the Springhill Police Department for booking.

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