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Flooding problems at North Webster High School to be repaired

by Minden Press-Herald

North Webster High School will get some much needed repair to alleviate flooding issues.

The board voted to take care of a number of items related to drainage issues at the school’s football stadium.
Principal Jeff Franklin says this will fix the drainage issues that continue to flood the dressing rooms and other areas of the stadium.

“This is the dressing rooms below the weight room in the main stadium that flooded,” he said.

Franklin says there are a couple of different problems at the stadium and this would allow those issues to be fixed. He asked the board to approve exploration of other drainage and manhole problems and repair at a cap of $8,000.

“There are three different areas that are all open at this time and are quite dangerous, especially if someone fell in them,” he said in his request to be added to the agenda. “The contractor cannot put a firm price on this until he digs it up and finds the actual problem. I really feel the labor end of this will be below the actual bid price.”

He explained one of the main problems is the drainage from the school.

“The other issue is some old drainage, and we’re just going to cap all that off and be done with it,” he said.
The board also agreed to replace the flooring in the dressing room with rubber flooring.

The cost to fix the main drainage issue will be $26,300 and the cost to replace the dressing room flooring is $19,998.24. All these projects will be paid for from the Springhill maintenance fund.

In other school board news, the board approved:

  • Leonard Paint Company to paint North Webster Lower Elementary School for $17,670, using the Shongaloo Building Fund
  • the Minden Press-Herald as its official journal
    remaining budget revisions for the 2015-16 fiscal year
  • the 2016-17 worker’s compensation excess coverage from Midwest for $50,708
    Mechanical Cooling Services to install a 7.5 ton air conditioning system in the basement of Minden High School that currently serves as the weight room for $38,200, using District 6 half cent sales tax
  • Hercules Service Parts LLC as the lowest bid for $35,000 for a covered drive for Central Elementary, using Consolidated District 3 Maintenance Fund
  • Camus Electric Co., Inc., to replace cafeteria lighting at NWHS for $3,820, using the Springhill Maintenance Fund
  • an amendment to the architect agreement with Yeager, Watson and Associates to include architectural services for repair and reconstruction of the grandstands at The Pit
  • Mechanical Cooling Services to replace one compressor and two fan shrouds at Lakeside High School for $3,641, using Consolidated District 3 Maintenance Fund
  • the purchase of a buffer for J.A. Phillips Middle School for $904.75, using District 6 half cent sales tax
  • Gentry & Holder Floors to refinish and sand the gym floors at Webster Junior High School, as well as repaint the lines, for $15,575
  • the installation of a new intercom system for Browning Elementary
  • the purchase of 12 classroom tables for North Webster Junior High School
  • the cleaning of the carpet at NWJHS
  • the upgrade of the sound system at Brown Elementary
  • a new scoreboard for the gym at Brown Elementary
  • travel allocations

The next regular meeting will be at 6 p.m., Monday, July 11, at Central Office, located at 1442 Sheppard Street.



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