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Freezing temperatures expected in Minden

by Minden Press-Herald

The National Weather Service is predicting winter temperatures with a hard freeze Thursday and Friday nights.

It will be partly cloudy tonight, with a low around 27 degrees. Northerly winds will blow around 5 miles per hour.

The sun should shine Friday, with a high near 47. Northeasterly winds from 5 to 10 miles per hour with the temperature dipping to 28 Friday night.

Minden Mayor Tommy Davis said the City of Minden is aware that the possibility of extreme cold weather is on its way to the area and is urging residents to be aware of unprotected pipes and conservative of thermostat settings.

“For every one degree above 68 degrees, it is going to cost you about five percent on your heating bill,” Davis said. “If possible, avoid the use of electric space heaters because they use high amounts of electricity.”

The city’s utility consumers can reduce their energy use and help save money on their utility bills by following some simple tips:

Set thermostats as low as appropriate to maintain health and comfort.

Turn off electric lights and appliances that you do not need or are not using.

Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. This includes overhead doors on attached garages.

Seal off unheated, unused rooms.

Open south-facing window curtains, drapes and blinds during the day. Close them at night to keep the heat in.

Take extreme care when using space heaters. Make sure they are placed away from combustible materials and, if
necessary, properly vented to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

“City crews are prepared to respond to any extreme cold weather,” Davis said. “City administration is prepared to work with its customers regarding the impact associated with this cold weather event on their utility bill.”

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