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From the Back Porch: I truly believe there are angels among us

by Minden Press-Herald

“I believe there are angels among us,  sent down to us from somewhere up above

A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand,

To guide us with a light of love.”

“Oh ,oh, I believe there are angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above…”

­— As sung by ALABAMA.

After a recent fall and hospitalization I am even a more firm believer.

    An accident at home led me to calling 9-1-1. In turn, they summoned the ambulance. Within  5- 10 minutes several young men, First Responders with our Volunteer Fire Department. were at my side,  checking me out as we waited for the ambulance. Angels?

I was transported to the hospital in Homer where I was confined for just over three weeks. I was sent home under the care of Home Health with prescribed therapy.

Two days after I got home there was a Host of Men of Courage (14 in all)  in my front yard constructing a ramp for my use as I progressed. These men were not paid workers, but volunteers who like to show the love of God through their volunteer efforts. They could have only been sent by God.

As the days progressed, Angelic friends began to bring food to serve our family until I was again able to resume my duties,

    Precious Cindy appeared with several dishes, some to use now and some to be frozen for later. Food For Love from our church (Central Baptist) began to providfe lunches on Tuesday including lunch for our daughter who was caring for us at the time. Those lovely ladies  also provided short times of visitation.   Last week they surprised me with a visit from a precious friend, Bonnie.  Sweet Liz brought lunch and I was able to persuade her to stay and share the deliciious meal with us. We had the greatest visit as we had not done in a long time.

Neighbor Jennifer sent the most deliciious casserole that we enjoyed for several meals. Neighbor Mary Virginia made a run for our prescriptions and picked up a few groceries for us at the same time.

 She was also thoughtful enough to pick up a warm lunch for us. Our sweet  neighbor and family brought me a box of delicious cupcakes from Bundt Cakes bakery in Bossier, They were out of this world.

I have had so many beautiful cards sent since my little incident. Each one is treasured just as I treasure the kindness and friendship of each sender.

 And most of all, my doctor and caregivers at the hospital and our precious children, Larry, and Debbie and Steve. I don’t know how we would have made it without them.

If  I have omitted anyone, just clock it up to post-hospital forgetfulness.

And in the meantime, consider yourselves  among the   “Angels From Above” that  were sent to guide us with the light of love.”

Fannie Moore lives in Shongaloo.

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