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Geaux Fresh Bistro bringing awareness to local non-profits

by Minden Press-Herald

One local eatery is taking their service beyond delicious dishes and out into the community.

Jodie Martin, owner and executive chef of Geaux Fresh Bistro on Broadway in Minden, is raising the bar when it comes to lending a helping hand through a recent promotion dubbed Geaux Fresh Give Back.

The aim of the promotion, which takes place each Monday at Geaux Fresh Bistro, is to donate a portion of the restaurant’s proceeds from that day to a worthwhile cause. So far, Martin has given back to non-profits such as UCAP, CASA and Joe Leblanc Food Pantry, as well as other causes such as the state champion Minden 12u all-star team and, most recently, Gym 4:13.

“All of them have been so grateful,” Martin said. “Non-profits, anything you can give them is a blessing, but they’re all appreciative. I wish we could do more, and as we get busier, we’ll get there.”

Jodie Martin, owner and executive chef of Geaux Fresh Bistro, whips up mac ‘n’ cheese from scratch. Geaux Fresh Bistro opened their doors in December 2016.

Martin began her culinary expedition cooking in her own home, gradually growing her customer base until she was able to open Geaux Fresh Bistro in December 2016. Before that, while operating out of her own kitchen, Martin would hold plate lunch fundraisers and donate the money to different projects. Since then, the downtown establishment has become a lunchtime staple of the Minden community, with the Bistro’s success allowing her to reach more worthy causes than ever before.

“When I started this, and the Lord gave me this business and put it on my heart, I wanted to be kingdom business-builder for the kingdom of God,” Martin said. “Out of my house I was only able to do a little bit… As an individual I can’t write as much as I can through a business. This way brings awareness to non-profits in the community, and I’m only here through community support.”

The Give Back program has been full-go for eight weeks, and Martin says plenty more Monday give-backs are in store.
Martin is the daughter of Mike Waller, former president of Waller Petroleum, and Mary Hall. Her brother is Jesse Waller, current President of Waller Petroleum and owner of Bon Temps gas station.

“They are big givers,” Martin said. “My dad’s a great businessman, so he has always helped out other businesses and people. That’s mine and my husband’s heart, to help others. The goal of this business is to continue to grow so we can create more jobs and help more people.”

Martin is married to Devin Martin, owner-operator of SecurityPro, a business specializing in home and business security via HD camera systems, alarms, automation and more. Together, they are setting a new standard for Minden’s small businesses when it comes to giving back.

The next Geaux Fresh Give Back will take place Monday, July 31, from 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from the day will be donated to North Webster’s Women Helping Others organization as they prepare for their Decades and Divas event, to be held August 19 at the Springhill Civic Center.

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