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Gerald Holland: Be quiet Donald Trump

by Minden Press-Herald

For a time Virginia was a reliable Republican state in presidential elections. No more. Congressional Republicans have helped Democrats turn Virginia reliably blue by extravagantly funding the ever-bloating federal bureaucracy with its parallel lobbyist class. Both are mostly housed in the ultra-rich northern Virginia suburbs and they vote 75 to 80 percent Democrat. Add to this, ivory tower Republican support for easy immigration policies that favor big business and draw more mass Democrat voters to northern Virginia. (Republicans in their dreams ignorantly think big business backs Republicans.)

Glenn Youngkin, an outstanding Republican candidate for governor of Virginia has (or had) a good chance to rescue Virginia from fanatically neo-communist Democrats. Those radical Democrats have passed laws to allow biological schoolboys to use girls’ bathrooms in Virginia. Girls have been sexually assaulted by Virginia schoolboys because of Virginia Democrats. Their school boards mandate the teaching of Critical Race white-hate and pornography to school kids. Younkin’s win can chop the head off this vile snake before it slithers nationwide. He can help return Virginia to a habit of voting for Republican presidential candidates. All of this means that the Virginia election is important to America at large. It’s a lot more than a local matter.

Enter Donald Trump sticking his nose in with insinuations that the Republican’s win will get him, Donald Trump, an accurate vote count in Virginia. There is no indication that Trump didn’t get an honest count in Virginia. Trump’s uncalled for “endorsement” is already being used as a Democrat campaign ad because the Virginia suburbs trounced Trump in 2020 and those suburbs will not support a Republican who says Virginia elections are dishonest. Besides, Virginia already audits every election outcome. Pres. Trump lost Virginia by nearly 500,000 votes. He suffered Virginia’s biggest Republican presidential beating in 75 years, so even if he proved that 100,000 votes were stolen he still wouldn’t have won Virginia, nor the national election.

Acknowledging Pres. Trump’s many needed presidential successes does not negate the fact that with Donald Trump it’s all, “Me, me, me, me, me. I won, but I was cheated out of the White House.” The U S Senate wouldn’t be in a Democrat lock on the brink of passing 5 trillion in a spending, taxing, big government re-make of America if Donald Trump had kept his mouth shut and his presence out of Georgia before their Senate run-off election in January, 2021. A losing political candidate who keeps ranting, “I won, but I was cheated out of it,” rarely, if ever, wins another campaign.

Gerald Holland
Springhill, LA

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