Gerald Holland: Donald Trump’s Crime

Donald J. Trump, after a four-to-five-year judicial torture, was finally convicted today in a New York City courtroom for the crime of beating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Beating-Hillary crime is intolerable and justifies capital punishment. Trump’s capital punishment has already been imposed by a judge in another New York City court. The judge there, sitting as judge, jury and executioner, ruled for the death of $600,000,000 of President Trump’s capital. That was for the Beating-Hillary crime of defrauding nobody and causing nobody, no institution, nor any bank to lose any money.

Trump may be sentenced to prison at Ryker’s Island jail in New York City. There he will have Secret Service protection twenty-four, seven. 

Maybe while he is in the Ryker’s Island slammer, not allowed on the campaign trail, he will be allowed to write “a letter from Ryker’s Island,” and win in November.

Gerald Holland lives in Springhill, La.