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Gerald Holland: Is Katie Couric an intellectual?

by Minden Press-Herald

Apparently, Katie Couric, formerly a news-story reader on all three of the Alphabet Networks, considers herself to be an intellectual. She accused Trump voters of “being fueled by anti-intellectualism – that we (establishment elites) have to address.”

Intellectual defined is “a person who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about the reality of society, and who proposes solutions for its problems.”

Katie Couric is no more an intellectual than is an orangutan swinging through the trees of Borneo’s jungle.

Over a period of time, Katie learned how to read a script very well aloud in front of a television camera, to be dressed nicely by her studio maids and look respectable in front of a camera. 

 Once, in a form of double plagiarism, she read aloud on TV a script stolen from the Wall Street Journal and falsely alleged that the script she read was, in part, her personal autobiography.

Her facial make-up preparation, hairdos and apparel are superlative. 

Otherwise: did her television performance involve her critical thinking?  NO!

Did she do the research that led to the scripts she read?  NO! Real reporters gathered the stories and wrote them for her to read.

Even when the scripts written for her were false, she read them anyway. (see above)

Did she offer solutions? NO! The only solutions she favored were those of the far left. The attitude she exuded denigrated solutions offered by conservatives and Republicans. (Her sister was chairman of the Virginia Democrat Party, an organization that produced a governor who supported post-birth abortion.)

Gerald Holland lives in Springhill, La.

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