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Glenbrook Apaches moving past week one loss, focused on Eagles

by Minden Press-Herald

Football coaches are always talking about the next game being the only one that matters. Sometimes that might sound like coach-speak, but it often rings true.

Like when you get beat 41-0.

Braxton Stuckey/Courtesy Photo

Braxton Stuckey/Courtesy Photo

The Glenbrook Apaches have removed last week’s blowout loss at the hands of Copiah from their memory bank and are focused on earning win No. 1 this Friday on the road against Porter’s Chapel Academy in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

“That’s something we addressed first thing on Monday,” Glenbrook head coach Caleb Carmikle said. “What’s in the past is in the past. A lot of people in the area are looking at us to see how we handle this. Their was a lot of hype this summer and positive talk leading up to that game. A lot of people measure teams on how they respond to things like that.”

Carmikle said his team responded well with a full week of crisp showings on the practice field.

“The focus has been great,” he said. “They’ve answered the call and had an excellent week of practice.

This week, the Apaches will face another team that emphasizes the running game in Porter’s Chapel, but the Eagles won’t have near the talent level of Copiah. That’s not a low blow, just a fact of the matter when talking MAIS football.

“The kids play really, really hard,” Carmikle said of the Eagles. “They’re kind of in the same phase of their program as we were last year. They were 1-9 last year, they have a new coach this year and they like to feed their running back. He’s a guy that makes everything go; he’s a hard runner, so we have to make sure we get him on the ground.”

Getting runners to the ground wasn’t something the Apaches did well last week. Glenbrook often had Copiah skill players bottled up and wiffed on the tackle. That can’t be the case this week if they hope to be victorious.

“I think it embarrassed them a little bit,” Carmikle said. “It wasn’t a huge mismatch up front. We were in position to make plays last week and we just didn’t make them. They have a chip on their shoulder after watching that film and I know they want to prove themselves.”

Carmikle singled out linebacker Trent Albritton as a player who needs to have a big night Friday.
“He’s a guy who came in and played a little line and nose. He’s only had a little bit of the spring and the summer to get ready. This is a big week for him to see how much he’s learned and step up to the challenge.”

If the Glenbrook defense feels like they have something to prove, double that sentiment for the offense. The Apaches were beginning to look lethal offensively following their scrimmage and jamboree against district opponents Claiborne and River Oaks, but came crashing down to Earth against the Colonels last week. To be fair, the Apaches were playing on a sloppy field with a wet ball in their spread attack.

Their will be no room for excuses this week as Glenbrook tries to avoid an 0-2 start.

“I feel like, again, we have some mismatches out on the edge,” Carmikle said. “We’re still a very athletic football team, especially for our level. Jospeh Windham’s frame and ability demand some touches, and then you have Da’maza, Wudy and Hood. The key to all of it is controlling the line of scrimmage and we’ve tried to emphasize that to these guys this week.”

The Apache’s offensive line has plenty of size, but got a crash course in experience last week.

“We win or lose this game based on the way they play,” Carmikle said. “They’ve had a better week of practice. There’s a lot of youth on that offensive line. We have to be patient with them, but there starting to come together as a group.”

The Apaches and Eagles will kick things off in Vicksburg Friday at 7 p.m.

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