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Glenbrook Apaches ready for action

by Minden Press-Herald

The Glenbrook Apaches were hoping to put on a show in their jamboree at River Oaks in Monroe last Friday night, but a team still trying to build chemistry in a brand new scheme failed to light up the scoreboard.

The good news is that the Apaches start their season this Friday with a clean slate and an unblemishd 0-0 record. The bad news is the opponent, Copiah Academy, presents an even greater challenge than either River Oaks or Riverdale did last week.

“They’re a 4A school,” head coach Caleb Carmikle said. “We’ve been looking at film all weekend. They’re really big up front, pretty athletic and well-coached. Very, very well coached.”

Carmikle said the Copiah offense is similar to what he has in place at Glenbrook.

“They’re not complex in their scheme,” Carmikle said. “They’re going to do what they do and make us beat them that way. It’s almost identical to what we do.”

Carmikle believes the Apache defense is up to the task.

“I thought the defense played really well,” Carmikle said of the jamboree. “They flew to the football well as much as they were on the field. Our offense hurt our defense by not being able to find a rhythm.”

Glenbrook hopes to find that rhythm this week in practice.

“We were very vanilla last weekend,” Carmikle said. “We’ll fine-tune some things like the timing with our play action and passing game. It’s all very fixable.”

The Apaches will take on Copiah on Friday in Gallman, Mississippi at 7 p.m.

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