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Glenbrook hires football coach

by Minden Press-Herald

With six weeks to go until the start of their season, Glenbrook School has hired 22-year-old Caleb Carmikle as its next head football coach.

When Chris Norton departed for Marvel, Arkansas just weeks ago, Glenbrook set their sight on a coach who would bring stability and fire into the program.

Glenbrook headmaster Darden Gladney and Athletic Director Jeff Dalton believe they will get both with Carmikle.

“We realize that this is an important hire for the Glenbrook football program,” Dalton said.

“We have to get some stability within our program, and Mr. Gladney and I both believe Coach Carmikle is the guy who can give us that.”

This will be the first head coaching gig for the Arkansas Tech graduate.

“I saw the job opening and did a little research on the school,” Carmikle said. “I actually spoke with coach Norton for about an hour on the phone and he told me the situation here was great. When I interviewed and visited I kind of fell in love with the place.”

The Heber Springs, Arkansas native coached wide receivers and defensive backs at Conway Christian School, Dover High School and Clarksville High School, as well as one season coaching slot receivers at Arkansas Tech.

“I want to come in and get some young energy going,” Carmikle said. “I want to get the Glenbrook community excited about football, and that means getting every able-bodied male student out to play football.”

Carmikle said the offense he will implement will be a hybrid of sorts between the Gus Malzahn/Auburn running game and the Mike Leach air raid.

“I would love to throw it 100 times if we can,” Carmikle said. “But we’re going to take what the defense gives us. Whatever we do, we’re going to preach balance and efficiency.”

With opening kickoff fast approaching, Carmikle doesn’t believe he has the time to implement his entire scheme, but hopes he can instill the core values and fundamentals the Apaches will need for long-term success.

“I want to bring an exciting style of football to Glenbrook,” Carmikle said. “I can’t promise wins and losses, but our goal is to get better every day and I feel like if we do that the scoreboard will take care of itself.”

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