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Glenbrook replacing traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs

by Minden Press-Herald

Glenbrook School is updating its lighting system throughout the facility for a number of reasons, Headmaster Darden Gladney said, chief among them health reasons.

The school, over a period of time, is switching out the traditional fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, which he said benefits students in a number of ways.

“Flickering lights was one of the reasons we changed them,” he said. “Children or teachers who have a tendency for headaches or migraines, that flickering light can trigger those. Even if you don’t have headaches, it’s distracting. When an LED goes out, it doesn’t flicker.”

Another benefit is its safety, Gladney said. There is no mercury in an LED, as is in a fluorescent bulb. If the bulb breaks, there is a chance it could cause health issues, he added.

Following the installation of an LED sign at the school, Gladney said the board began discussing the benefits of having LED lighting and its long-term cost effectiveness.

“LED lights are more like natural sunlight than a fluorescent light,” he said. “It mimics sunlight, and that helps with the winter blues – for those who don’t get enough natural sunlight. We believe and we hope that it will make for more productivity and make learning easier.”

An LED sign was installed last school year, and because they were pleased with the outcome of the sign installation, Gladney said they decided to install LEDs in two classrooms in the fall as a trial. Over the last several weeks, installation for roughly half the school has been completed.

Gladney said hallways and classrooms have been converted and it offers warmer light and is more inviting.

Randy Rogers, owner of Main Street LED Signs and Lighting, said LED lighting cuts energy usage in half, making it more cost effective for the school.

“With energy costs rising in Minden, the only alternative you have is using math,” he said. “With these LED lights, this will reduce what the school is paying each month for their electric bill.”

Rogers offered other benefits to the LED lighting, saying it makes it easier for students to see their schoolwork.

The hallways and most of the classrooms in the main building have been replaced with the LEDs, and Gladney said they expect to complete the project over a two to three year period for cost reasons.

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