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Glenbrook to face local competition after joining LHSAA

JJ Marshall photo / Glenbrook's DJ Carter

After being in the Midsouth Association of Independent Schools since its inception, Glenbrook School will be joining the Louisiana High School Athletic Association. This will greatly change the sports teams that Glenbrook plays against, as well as make it easier for them to travel to games. 

“There’s been some sentiment for a while amongst the Glenbrook family, but it recently got to the point where we just about had to make a move, because several of the schools around us have gone down to eight man football,” said David Feaster, Glenbrook’s Athletic Director. 

“So for instance this year, we had one home game in the regular season. All of our travel time was three hours or over. Just because there’s not very many teams left around here to play. That was probably the deciding factor amongst us.”

This change will allow Glenbrook to greatly reduce the distance they need to travel to games, as well as providing more familiar teams to play against. 

“If I would’ve shown our typical Glenbrook fans our football schedule at the beginning of last year, they wouldn’t have recognized hardly anybody on the schedule, much less look forward to seeing us play against them. So now we go into the LHSAA and we play schools that are all around like Ringold, Arcadia, Homer, and Haynesville, which are right down the road,” said Coach Feaster.

So I think It’s going to be a great move for us as far as travel goes and safety with our kids and the busses and competition-wise too. I think the competition will be a little bit greater, and we’re going to have to rise up to the challenge, but we look forward to developing some good friendly rivalries with some local schools around here.”