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Public Works Director, Longleaf and Woodard Repairs, and more in June Minden City Council Meeting

by Will Phillips

The agenda for Minden’s June City Council Meeting was significantly longer than past months, with plenty of important City business to attend including the potential hire of a City Works Director, street overlays for Longleaf and Woodard, approval of agreements with other companies, and some promotions as well. 

Before the vote on whether to hire the new public works director, Micahel Roy shared some comments explaining why he thought the new public works director was right for the job.

“I feel that if we don’t, we’re really missing out on a good opportunity. The young man even came up, from Houston, when the storms hit to see what he could do to help us. 

Saturday he came and served meals with us. He’s just a well rounded guy, he has some abilities and potential, and I just think it would be wrong if we didn’t put him to work,” said Michael Roy. 

With no other discussion from the councilmen, the time to vote came and the motion  ultimately failed with three opposed, Councilman Wayne Edwards, Dist. A , Terika Williams-Walker, Dist. B, and Vincen Bradford, Dist. C, and two in favor, Councilman Michael Roy, Dist. D, and Pam Bloxom, Dist. E. 

Another important issue that was addressed this meeting was that of street improvement projects for Longleaf Drive and Woodard Drive. The residents of this community have long since been vocal about the need for the roads to be repaired, bringing the issue up in past workshops and council meetings. 

Sixteen of the residents came to the meeting to show their support for this item being passed. One of the most vocal of these residents has been citizen Tracy Campbell, who addressed the council before the vote, reiterating the importance of repairing these roads. 

“For those that have been in previous workshops you’ve heard my comments, you’ve seen my pictures, you’ve heard the reports from our Streets Director Terry Combs that the streets mentioned on your agenda today are the highest priority streets in Minden,” said Campbell.

“Every time it rains, the situation just gets worse. Filling in the potholes only causes additional problems, it’s just a temporary fix until the next rain comes. If you drive down there today you can see that it’s as bad as it’s ever been. I implore you tonight to do the right thing and please address our streets.”

Another of the residents, Marvin Garrett, also addressed the council to emphasize the need for repair. “Just to reiterate on what Tracy said, I actually had a family member blow a tire out a couple months ago on Longleaf. I was a policeman here for thirty years in the city. I’ve literally driven up and down probably every city street in this town throughout my career,” said Garrett. 

Longleaf and Woodard, as even Terry has stated, are the worst streets inside the city limits. Speaking on behalf of myself and the other residents of that community, we would just encourage you to please vote to let this move forward, and we appreciate every one of yall’s time and consideration.

After hearing the comments form the residents, the council voted unanimously in favor for starting the bidding process for the street improvement projects to Woodard and Longleaf.

The council also unanimously voted to allow the mayor to enter an agreement with V1Fiber. This agreement, brought forward to the council by Minden’s Economic Director Phillip Smart, would essentially allow V1Fiber to apply for grants on behalf of the city that would fund high speed broadband infrastructure development for the City of Minden. After a brief discussion, the motion was carried unanimously. 

Councilman Bloxom moved to authorize the Mayor to negotiate, enter into and sign a

Contracting Services Agreement with Southwestern Electric Power Company. The agreement would put Minden near the top of SWEPCO’s list for receiving additional crews to help restore power in times of emergency, something that the recent tornado has shown is a high priority. The motion was carried unanimously.

The council also approved a number of Minden Police Department Promotions. Minden Police Sergeant Brandon Curry was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Minden Police Officers First Class Mitchell Hackett, Donald Brice and Jeremy Sitter were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. The council also approved Morris Busby to replace Steve Bryan on the Minden Planning Commission.

The monthly City Council Meetings take place the first Monday of each month starting at 5:30 p.m. at Minden City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

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