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Governor Landry Signs Executive Order to Aid Crawfish Industry Amid Drought Crisis

by Minden Press-Herald

Governor Jeff Landry has taken decisive action to address the challenges faced by Louisiana’s crawfish aquaculture industry amidst extreme drought conditions. Today, Governor Landry signed an Executive Order issuing a Disaster Declaration specifically aimed at providing support to the state’s crawfish industry, which has been severely impacted by the ongoing drought.

The Executive Order comes in response to a request from Congressman Troy Carter and Congressman Clay Higgins, who advocated for federal assistance to aid the struggling crawfish industry. The Disaster Declaration is expected to pave the way for accessing federal resources to mitigate the economic fallout caused by the drought.

In a statement regarding the Executive Order, Governor Landry emphasized the widespread impact of the drought on Louisiana’s crawfish acres, affecting farmers, businesses, and the broader economy. With approximately 365,000 acres of crawfish cultivation in the state, the industry plays a vital role in Louisiana’s agricultural landscape and cultural heritage.

Governor Jeff Landry signed an Executive Order issuing a Disaster Declaration for the Crawfish Aquaculture Industry.

“Louisiana’s extreme drought conditions have affected our farmers, our economy, and our way of life. All 365,000 crawfish acres in Louisiana have been affected by these conditions. That is why I am issuing a disaster declaration. The crawfish industry needs all the support it can get right now. I appreciate Congressmen Clay Higgins and Troy Carter for their hard work and help on this important issue,” stated Governor Landry.

Congressman Troy A. Carter echoed Governor Landry’s sentiments, expressing gratitude for the Executive Order’s potential to unlock federal resources essential for the survival of Louisiana’s crawfish industry. Carter emphasized the significance of crawfish to Louisiana’s identity, labeling it not just as a product but as a cherished way of life.

Similarly, Congressman Clay Higgins underscored the severity of the economic challenges faced by the crawfish industry due to last year’s drought. He praised Governor Landry’s collaborative approach in working towards securing relief programs, acknowledging the industry’s critical role in Louisiana’s economic and cultural landscape.

The Disaster Declaration is poised to provide much-needed assistance to crawfish farmers, processors, restaurants, grocery stores, and boilers grappling with the adverse effects of the drought. By facilitating access to Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster loans and other relief programs, the state aims to support the industry in overcoming this unprecedented economic burden.

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