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Hanna: We were right

by Minden Press-Herald

sam_hanna_jrThey still don’t get it.

The “they” are liberals and members of the mainstream media who, since Tuesday night of last week, have been in a tither over Donald J. Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States.

It’s somewhat understandable that Trump’s election was a shocker in some corners. After all, he wasn’t supposed to win. At least that’s what the polls said, though the polls, in most instances, were as fraudulent as the reporters who reported them.

In all fairness, Trump’s election was a phenomenon. Think about it. He was forced to battle the Democrat Party establishment, the establishment in his own party — the Republican Party, academia, and the so-called mainstream media, which in this day and age is littered with advocates who parade around and attempt to pass themselves off as objective journalists.

We must excuse the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News network. They aren’t journalists and never were. By and large, they’re pretty faces who are paid to stir the emotions of the few Americans who bother tune in to their networks. They deserve an “A” for their efforts, though, in trying to destroy Trump’s candidacy.

On the other hand, the boys and girls working on the print side of the mainstream media, including their web sites, have blown what little credibility their employers still had, which wasn’t much. You know the ones I’m talking about — The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal to some extent and so on. Their visceral approach toward covering Trump’s campaign was so transparent you could see through it. They made no effort whatsoever to hide their bias.

All the while, Hillary Clinton got a pass from the press on just about every front including when WikiLeaks did the world a favor and exposed the Clintons, including Bill and daughter Chelsea, for what they are — just common thieves who are rotten to the core.

The party line, if you will, in Hillary Clinton’s world and at the Democratic National Committee, as well as in the mainstream media, tells us Trump conducted a racially charged campaign to provoke the worst in all of us. They’re also of the opinion that FBI Director James Comey’s decision to announce the “reopening” of the criminal investigation into the multitude of the Clinton family’s nefarious activities put the brakes on any momentum the Clinton campaign had heading into the final two weeks before the election.

For some reason, Clinton and the Democrats and the mainstream media cannot bring themselves around to acknowledging that perhaps the American people aren’t happy with the direction the country has taken in the almost eight years of the Barack Obama administration. Perhaps they believe tens of millions of Americans subsisting on welfare and food stamps is okay. Perhaps they believe it’s acceptable that some 90 million Americans have left the labor force since 2009. Perhaps they believe it’s not a big deal that the labor participation rate in the United States is the lowest it’s been since the mid 1970s. Perhaps they felt Obama’s wholesale wrecking of health care in America would go unnoticed. And perhaps the Democrats and the mainstream media don’t have a problem with radical Muslim extremists, who without a doubt have brought their fight with America to our own homeland.

Trump succeeded because he recognized what was bothering tens of millions of Americans and he was not afraid to talk about it openly including concerns about race, crime, the economy and our enemies, both foreign and domestic. For some strange reason, which I’ll never understand, millions of Americans including Democrats and Republicans and the mainstream media interpreted Trump’s willingness to openly discuss those issues as a veiled attempt to divide the American people along racial and socio-economic lines.

Some four decades ago, Richard Nixon often spoke of the silent majority in America. He was referring to the millions of law abiding Americans whose views and opinions seemed to have been overlooked while the nation was consumed with protests against the Vietnam War and the peace craze and the civil rights movement and the riots that followed.

It was that silent majority that elected Nixon, too.

Many months ago, a friend of mine came up with a nickname of his own for the millions of Americans who seem to have been overlooked while Obama was busy remaking America into something it’s not. Let’s call them “Irish potatoes.” Trump tapped into them, which requires more than a first-rate, well financed get-out-the-vote apparatus on election day. For Trump, it was his message that piqued the interest of the Irish potatoes, who obviously have had a belly full of all of that stupidity that is a politically correct America.

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that this newspaper endorsed Trump in the third week of August, some two and a half months before the election. We recognized the compelling power of Trump’s message and latent power of the Irish potatoes.

And we were right!

Sam Hanna Jr. can be reached by phone at 318-805-8158 or e-mail at [email protected].

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