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Henry Burns running for state senate

by Minden Press-Herald

Editor’s note: The following is a submitted campaign annoucement and not an endorsement from Minden Press-Herald or Specht Newspapers, Inc.



Special to the Press-Herald

During his time in the U.S. Army, Henry Burns learned patience and the value of planning ahead for important missions. As an explosive ordnance officer, Burns became an expert in nuclear weapons and trained Army Special Forces and Navy Seals in the defusing of bombs. One of his biggest assignments was to relocate all of the nuclear weapons in the pacific theater back to the U.S. mainland for demilitarization. For his work he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for outstanding service. Burns, who retired as a Lt. Colonel, used that lesson as a member of the Louisiana State Legislature; to get important bills passed that would affect his district. Now, as a candidate for the Louisiana State Senate, Burns can effectively hit the ground running with the knowledge he has gained serving in the House. He is prepared.

Henry Burns was not term-limited, but elected to run for the Senate because, as he said, “I can help more people because District 36 includes Webster, Bienville and parts of Claiborne and Bossier Parishes.” He is focused on an agenda that includes protecting you and me from more taxes, removing the loopholes that protect big businesses from paying state income taxes, increasing jobs in our area, improving education and championing military rights and benefits.

He is a longtime member of the NRA and a strong believer in our second amendment rights. Henry Burns authored the Church Security bill that allows people with concealed-weapons permits and appropriate safety training to bring weapons into churches and other houses of worship for security purposes.

A Shongaloo native, Henry Burns seemingly has seen it all and done it all. He has mixed his military career with a business career always putting his family and God first. One of his biggest supporters said that if there was a meeting and just two people showed up…Henry would be one of them. He is a genuine people person with the emphasis on GENUINE.


*National Rifle Association (NRA) Candidate “A” rating
*Recognized as a “Champion of Veteran’s Rights and Benefits.”
*Department of Defense Pete Taylor “Partnership of Excellence for Military Families” Award.
*2014 LA National Guard “Most supportive elected official” public sector award for the “Youth Challenge” program.
*2014 Hudson Cup “Gentleman of the House.”
*2014 and 2015 “Education Choice Champion”, The Louisiana Federation for Children.
*Four-time winner of the Family Forum “Patrick Henry Award.”
*I-49 North Leadership Award.


*Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) “Champion for Healthcare”
*Louisiana Oil and Gas Association
*National Federation of Independent Businesses
*LABI- Louisiana Association of Business and Industry
*Association of Builders and Contractors Pelican Chapter
*A.B.A.T.E. of Louisiana “American Bikers Active Toward Education”

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