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Hidden Potential

Submitted by Columnist Bernard Harris

When we are younger our parents love to quote for us the golden rule from Matthew 7:12 “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” This quote is not only positive and well recognized it is in most cases completely ignored. Everyone in our world is special to God and deserves from us a fighting chance. 

However, in most cases, we don’t afford them the chance because we have them “figured out” already. This attitude of reckless judgment has led to the dismissal of so many amazing people. We often take a first glance at an individual’s past and somehow we feel that we have patterned their future. 

I thank God that he is a better judge of character than us. God looked at many of the Biblical heroes and saw a hidden potential. People like Moses, Noah, and even Abraham had a questionable character at times. 

Nevertheless, God not only forgave them but he continued to use them to change the world. My challenge this week is simple. Let’s take the time to look past failure and see a future.