by Minden Press-Herald

Rocke Musgraves and company at the Minden Rec Center had such a good plan.

As the old saying goes, “Make a plan, and God laughs.”

This was supposed to be the year of adult basketball leagues returning to Minden. It was supposed to be a summer full of swimming, baseball, softball and improvements to the fitness and health of our community.

Instead, we’ve gotten lost seasons for seniors at our high schools, lockdown orders and social distancing which will prevent some of our favorite traditions and pastimes from taking place for the forseeable future.

Not to beleaguer the point, but 2020 has been a pain.

It was off to such a promising start.

Still, pain and trying times breed growth, so we shouldn’t stay down.

Ideas are needed from everyone. This is the time to come together, if not physically then at least mentally, to help Musgraves and the Minden Rec Center achieve their goals.

The Rec Center is a microcosm of the city. Health should be a priority. That goes for mental health too, and nothing makes citizens of Minden happier than sports.

Fishing, hunting, football, baseball, basketball, track; they all bring out the best in us.

Without sports, we are seeing how difficult it is to find our happy places. 

More and more people are going on walks and jogs and bike rides. Imagine if we keep this same energy whenever a vaccine comes or the pandemic truly subsides.

My hope is that we are able to learn true lessons from this time and apply it to the future.

I know we can get out of this mess. Let’s not forget what it has taught us.

Above all, let’s not forget how important a healthy Minden is to the success of this city. At the heart of it all is our Rec Center. 

It needs our help now more than ever. It’s in great hands already.

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