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Hudson-Pierce: You’d better listen close the first time

by Minden Press-Herald

Randy Guttenberg, licensed family counselor and author wrote the book titled Managing Your Crazy Self really piqued my interest recently as I talked to others who were signed up for his workshops.

I believe that more creativity is wasted and many opportunities are lost because we don’t know how or we will not manage our crazy self.

By that I mean that we have to control what goes on in our mind as well as  knowing when to speak and when to keep silent. I sense  this is where most of our problems originate, when our lives spin out of control, where we destroy ourselves and hurt those we come in contact  with. from our families, friends, those we work with, because we simply cannot see our own faults therefore we cannot take constructive criticism, although at this point I wish to quote, Harriet Taylor, a retired teacher from New Mexico, who said ‘the advice we give others is wasted breath unless it is something we can take for ourselves.”

She said a mouth full.

Not being able to accept criticism from a superior will cause some professionals to quit their jobs, retire early or get fired.

Not being able to look in the mirror, to see ourselves as others see us, is a real kicker and even what many licensed counselors have to deal with in their own personalities — not being able to see their own faults which is why many psychologists go in for regular counseling so they will be able to not only help their clients but be able to better “manage their crazy self.”

I just said a mouthful not to be a professional counselor!, however I had to become my own therapist when I had my nervous breakdown as a minister’s wife in 1981.

Professionals are human just like the rest of us and sometimes make the mistake not filtering their words and sometime are jealous of those less educated than themselves who are using their creative time in a  way that even they wish to know how to do we all don’t fully know how to manage our crazy self but I find my way of coping, of making a difference to myself but to those who read my words, to give others the courage to speak, to write, to hone their talents lest they go off the deep end which I could easily have done!

I said a mouthful.

Had I not turned to writing where might I be today?

I am so grateful I had my nervous breakdown because it gave me the courage to write, to voice my thoughts, even offending some in my midst who might not like my audacity to speak my mind but I like being me!

I celebrate my uniqueness, including my fast talking, which I know is genetic and also the gap between my front teeth that I preserved even when I had to get my demist to design my  partial plates!

There will only be one of you and one of me!

God must not have like duplicates or He would not have made each of us unique!

So if you have trouble understanding my fast talking you “just better listen the first time” a quote borrowed from Hee Haw!

Had I known then what I know I would not have allowed the bullies on the playground  to put me down, to make fun of my teeth, my fast talking, my old-fashioned clothes and all of the other things that I endured as a child, being born in poverty to older parents and to a disabled mother who had suffered a brain injury as a child.

I like to envision my parents looking down, grateful that my life has turned out as well as it has  in spite of and perhaps because of my broken dreams!

It’s what we go through that makes us stronger, that gives us our edge, our energy!  I can hand it all to  God when I took my stand and became a Christian in 1962 at the age of fourteen so all I can say is thank you, God, for making me like I am and for all you have given me  including a tad of the ability to “manage my crazy self” as limited as my abilities might be.

Sarah Hudson Pierce is an author who lives near Mooringsport, Louisiana

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