Home News Juvenile shot in leg near Talton Street

Juvenile shot in leg near Talton Street

A juvenile was shot in the leg during what was explained by Police Chief Steve Cropper as a shooting where numerous shots were fired that took place at S. Talton and Evans Street.  

As of Monday Cropper hadn’t had the chance to speak with the victim due to the juvenile needing medical attention. “We did have a shooting victim get struck in the upper left leg. They were transferred to Ochsner, and basically, they were just going to leave the bullet in there and they sent him home. We talked to his mother this morning and she took him back to the hospital because he was in so much pain. So we haven’t had a chance to talk to him,” said Cropper.

In regards to the shooting itself, Cropper stated that there were “numerous shots fired, two different locations of the shell casings. So we’re in the middle of finding out who was shooting at him and if he or anybody with him was shooting back.

We’ve been interviewing people all morning long. We’ve had a couple of eyewitnesses that has helped us somewhat. A lot of people don’t know people by names but they know what they were wearing.”

Investigations have turned up a weapon that Cropper believes was used in the shooting. “We did recover one weapon inside an apartment on Stone street with a backpack and some clothing. We do believe that this firearm was at least one of the guns being used during the shooting. We’ve got the person that resides in the apartment. We have them detained at this time. Not saying we’re going to charge them, but the gun was found in their apartment. They claim they don’t know how it got in there, or that it wasn’t theirs. 

Since the interview, Cropper has stated that interviews are still being conducted and that arrests are coming soon.