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Karen’s Korner: Interesting insights

by Minden Press-Herald

Karen’s Korner

While reading an article the other day, this quote came up, and I found it very interesting. “Older individuals have lived through significant societal shifts and possess a wealth of experience, making their points of view particularly valid and insightful. While it may seem like they’re just stuck in their ways, there’s often a deeper truth to what they’re saying. Understanding their perspective is not about humoring an older generation—it’s about recognizing the legitimate challenges they face.”

As I read further, I found some very interesting insights revealed by our older generation!

  1. Older people often feel more vulnerable to crimes such as scams, burglary, and physical attacks. The perception of being a target for criminals affects their sense of security and freedom. This is a very valid concern.                                                                 
  2. Noise Pollution…Urban environments can increase this issue with constant traffic, construction, and public noise. This sensitivity can turn once-normal environments into sources of discomfort or pain. 
  3. Fast pace of Technology…it is so hard to keep up with the latest technological age. Features and functionalities change rapidly, requiring constant learning and adaptation that can cause much frustration and confusion for our seniors.
  4. Lack of respect from younger generations…Many older individuals feel that their experiences and knowledge are undervalued and this can lead to feelings of insignificance and isolation, particularly when younger people dismiss their advice or opinions.
  5. Healthcare costs…The financial strain of managing chronic conditions or unexpected health issues can significantly impact their quality of life. This makes the affordability and accessibility of healthcare a critical concern for the elderly.
  6. Loss of independence…Needing assistance with daily tasks can be a hard adjustment for individuals who have been independent their whole lives. This loss of autonomy can affect their self-esteem and overall well-being.
  7. Changes in social values…Rapid changes in social norms and values can feel disorienting to older generations who grew up with different benchmarks for behavior and ethics. They may struggle to understand new social movements or changes in language that reflect evolving cultural attitudes. 

Each of these concerns are very valid and need to be addressed! For questions or comments, contact us at the Webster Parish Council on Aging. 318-371-3056.

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