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Karen’s Korner: That is a SCAM!

by Minden Press-Herald

Karen’s Korner,

Have you ever received a phone call, or a text, for those of you who text, asking you for money for a relative or a friend of yours?

It sounds very serious and they practically beg you for money in order to help that relative or friend. There is always a scenario concerning a payment that must be made or the relative or friend will be held liable for something. THAT IS A SCAM!!!  And those scams are going around again in very convincing calls or texts.

Telephone scams are the most popular, it seems, because the caller can be very insistent concerning the individual they are calling about. They know just enough information to make it seem real, when it isn’t. “BEWARE!”

I have written about scams several times, but here are some reminders concerning scams:

*Never give out personal information over the phone, or, to someone you do not know. 

*Never volunteer any information that will enable someone to use it against you.

*If something sounds too good to be true…It usually is.

(example, you have won a prize or a sweepstake…and you never entered it.)

* a salesman comes to your door with a tremendous discount on repair work for your home…This is a common occurrence.

*use only repair services that have been recommended by a friend, or someone you know is reputable.

Just be aware…If you have further questions, contact us at the Webster Parish Council on Aging, at 318-371-3509.

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