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Karen’s Korner : The joy of special treasures

by Minden Press-Herald

Karen’s Korner

Have you ever thought about a pebble? A tiny piece of rock that perhaps came from a much larger rock that came from a much larger rock that came from a very large rock. You get my drift.

I was walking along the other day and looked down at the edge of the grass and saw a little pebble. It was about the size of a dime, round, with a pinkish tint, and very smooth. As a matter of fact, it really didn’t look much like a rock or a pebble, yet it was. It was just about perfect. The smooth round edges, if you would call them edges, were the same. It reminded me more of a precious gem or a polished priceless stone. And yet, it was just a pebble, a rock, nothing more, yet it seemed to be worth so much more.

I don’t usually pick up rocks, but this one was different, and it caught my eye out of all the others on the path. It was unique. It had a shine to it, and it was pretty. The size and shape was unusual, and made the pebble different from all the millions of other ones that lay all around it.

To add to my wonderment, I began to look for other ones like the one I found. What if there were more of them? What if I had found a treasure of perfectly little shiny round smooth stones? What in the world would I do with them?

Even this minor little hesitation out of my daily routine made me realize that we are not always satisfied with the joy of special treasures that cross our path every day! Once we find our “treasure” we are constantly searching to find more and more, instead of enjoying our former discovery. Where there is one. there must be more. So, I continue to search for other ones like the one I found, but to no avail. – there was just one. And I felt a little cheated, which certainly minimized the surprise of my discovery.

However, I kept the stone. It is in my bedroom in a little cup on my dresser along with a Canadian dime and a strange looking screw I found in the garage. But I did learn from my fortune hunting, that I really need to be mindful of the little things that God places in my life to make the journey pleasant even though many times it is challenging.

All those little perfect, smooth, round, priceless moments, that take me from the mundane to the joy of the journey. I am just glad I saw the pebble…….it was there just for me! 

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