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Karen’s Korner: Time respects no one

by Minden Press-Herald

Karen’s Korner

Time respects no one – it moves so rapidly with a fierce abandonment neatly placing year upon year. It maintains that steady pace, never stopping to rest or renew itself, regardless of humanity. And with time, she grows older, minute by minute, hour by hour,

day by day; realizing that she can not slow it down or deter its mission,

learning to accept (not readily or willfully) with a sense of reality; learning to accept,

each new day she is gifted by time, as it never lessens its intensity for


The light in her eyes is not as bright,

as it once was; but it still glistens.

Her hair is now the color of cotton,

as it first bursts forth in harvest.

Her hands are drawn and wrinkled,

as she tries repeatedly to thread that needle

for the children need these precious things

“To remember me by,” she thinks.

The print is much larger and the books,

seem shorter in length, as her grandson

bravely struggles to pronounce the words,

of her very favorite passage as he reads to her.

She hums softly as she remembers,

the beautiful music that only she can hear.

She will never forget the words of the

song that became theirs so very long ago.

Her mind wanders through childhood,

by the branch where they swam as kids on

those Sunday afternoons, as the sun filtered.

through the evergreens out in the pasture.

She could almost smell the fresh mown hay,

and the aroma of magnolia blossoms

just outside her bedroom window.

She thought of her neighbors,

and her brother.

What was his name?

Memories – they are good for the most part,

they come and they go now,

as time pushes them onward.

She had such a good life.

And it was enough!

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